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General Information

SFF V2 is a more advanced format for SFF files, first released along with Mugen 1.0RC1. Winmugen, Hi-res Winmugen, and any other pre-1.0 mugen versions cannot open an SFFV2 file.

Advantages of using SFFV2

  • -can contain PNG sprites in addition to PCX
  • -can contain your palettes, and any number of them (no need for standalone .act files)
  • -Your 9000,0 portrait is not sharing colors with your character, so you can use any image, you aren't forced to take it from the character sprites.
  • -Easier to add sprites to the definition file (No need to specify shared/individual for every sprite, as palettes are handled separately from sprites and sprites with the same palette will have it stored only once)
  • -Definition file structure is simpler to use (1 sprite=1 line)
  • -Very easy to convert SFF1 to SFF2
  • -SFFV2 can contain 24 bit (RGB) and 32 bit (RGBA) sprites. However, only mugen 1.1 and above versions can display these. Mugen 1.1 is currently in closed alpha testing, so this is a something you can't take advantage of yet.

Disadvantages of using SFFV2

  • -Fighter Factory can't open it yet, so you need your old SFF if you want to see the sprites while aligning clsns or changing animations (workaround : use SFFv1 during creation and convert to sffv2 when everything is completed)
  • -Converting SFF2 back to SFF1 is not supported and difficult.
  • -Doesn't work in winmugen or other older mugen versions.
  • -Also note that old mugen is very unstable and full of bugs so creating content for the new one and slowly making the users switch to using it is for the greater good of Mugen as a whole.


  • 1. Use sff2png on your SFFv1 file to extract your sprites via command line. example: sff2png.exe [infile aka char.sff] [outfile or what you want the name of the .def to be called]
  • 2. Edit your sff definition file (created by sff2png) by adding your palettes into the [palette] section, a in depth guide to doing this can be found in the mugen docs under sprmake2.html.
  • Note: every effect that did not share the same palette as the main character sprite set must have ?usepal =-1 next to it in the .def
  • 3. Create the sff using sprmake2 on your definition file via command line. example: sprmake2.exe -o [character's new .sff2 file] [characters .def file made from sff2png]
  • 4. Edit your character's def file : remove the old palettes, and add the new [palette keymap] block that assigns your palettes to the keys used when selecting the character Here is an example of this:
[Palette Keymap]
x = 4 ;Press button X to select palette 1, etc.
y = 5
z = 6
a =1
b = 2
c = 3
x2 = 10 ;Hold Start and press button X for palette 7, etc.
y2 = 11
z2 = 12
a2 = 7
b2 = 8
c2 = 9
  • 5. If your character uses a custom state 5900, add the RemapPal controller into it from common1.cns if it isn't added yet. You will also need to add it to state 190 in the common1.cns in your characters folder.
This guide was created by Seravy and updated by Kamekaze.
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