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Still here...

I noticed there hasn't been much news from us lately. But don't worry, we're still here and monitoring the webpage and forums.

So, what about MUGEN?

The boring and simple answer is we're working on it. Most of the work has been moving things around internally so we can start adding new things without blowing existing stuff up.

The current MUGEN 1.1 alpha was about redesigning the graphics engine. Once that was done, adding graphical effects like zooming and such were relatively simple.

The focus right now is on state controllers and triggers. A clean design in this area will definitely help with adding in and testing new and existing features. Since this is basically the core of MUGEN, it will take a while to go through and make sure everything works as expected... while squashing bugs in the process.

I'd like to say thanks again to all our users for your support. Also, thanks to all the alpha testers. It's been slow for a little while, but we're working to get more stuff for you to test. :)


MUGEN 1.0 already supports HD, it's just that you must get HD stages, motifs and chars, if those are not HD then you can only expect low res stuff within a HD capable engine. You'll have to find stuff with at least High res sprites for it to look good. What I mean is that it's not MUGEN's fault, it already supports HD, you must find HD stuff, MUGEN won't magically turn "classic" low res sprites into HD stuff.
Even more graphic enhancements come for MUGEN 1.1, such as a new renderer.

native 64-bit

i tried out the new 1.0 rc8 of mugen. it's rather bland and uninspiring on my modern computer system (w7 x64 os; 1090t six cores amd cpu; hd 5850 gfx card). it's like going backwards in time. mugen doesn't age too well especially on 2560x1600 resolution lcd monitor. :)

it's nice that elecbyte is back working on mugen. but come on guys, it's almost 2011. sf iv changed the landscape of fighting games. it's rather hard to go back to non-hd res 2d-sprite fighters that mugen seems to still cling on.

i hope we see better multi-core support and native 64-bit in the future as well as graphic enhancements. otherwise, mugen will remain behind the times.

then how about you do

then how about you do something about it if it's so annoying?

there's no hd sprites because nobody made any (decent) characters with those yet, and there are barely any hd games anyway.

go be the first one. elecbyte won't create characters for you, so complaining to them about lack of hd content is lol.


So your saying 3d mugen?

Well, if you want it so bad, have fun making it, send me a PM when you are crying because you cant figure it out ;)


thanks for your answer... so... the real question is what program change sffv2 images??... O_o


...Hey... something that i still dont get... is that even if you use the new or the old fighter factory to open the RC8... you just cant change the images in title screen or select char screen.... it always set when you try to open it with the FF..... "STREAM READ ERROR"... it only opens the other file which has the mages of the winmugen.... that dont changes nothing if you change it... is that a bug or what???.... i could really apreciate if you tell me.... because... im confuse... ¬¬'

FF is not an official

FF is not an official Elecbyte tool, so you should ask the developers of FF instead.
I think the files might be using the SFFv2 format, which is not yet supported by FF.


Are we to expect more RC releases since you guys are focusing on sctrls and triggers?
Not to be negative in anyway but I would hope that you guys finish 1.0 or come close to finishing it before moving to 1.1 then again who am I to complain. :P

Anyway I'll just sit back and wait to see what you guys cook up and I hope to see some of the new suggestions made in the forums in the new build.

As always thanks for everything you guys have done.



Not a reproach, but it's true that latest news let think you're working more on the 1.1 (and more) version than on the 1.0...

I think many of us are waiting for the final 1.0 version. And I can't help thinking that while you're working on the 1.1 version, you're not working on the 1.0...

Anyway, keep up the good work, either on Mugen 1.1 or 1.0, and thanks for this !

Mike Werewolf.


"The focus right now is on state controllers and triggers."
Great! CNS really needs a lot of features we lack at the moment, and it has lots of bugs to take care of, too.

Glad to hear it guys.

"while squashing bugs in the process."
lol, yeah... is there going to be another wave for 1.1 alpha soon?
Now that my PC is fixed I think I can postulate...