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Man, this place is dusty...

Wow, it's been a while! Without getting into too much detail, a number of things happened that slowed down development. It was that so-called "real life" thing we all hear about. But, we're still working on M.U.G.E.N so don't worry!

I've been cleaning up the code a bit here and there lately. A number of minor changes I did for the RC series didn't make it into 1.0/1.1a. Not a big deal for people playing/developing with M.U.G.E.N, just mostly backend stuff.

Also, I'm hoping to get a solution for our forum registration problems soon. I'll have to talk to our admin about getting something put in place ASAP.

- David

open source MUGEN

Please, Man

I think if the source code for MUGEN was opened, would be achieved important benefits:
- The development of the game could be done by a much larger community, and possible bugs would be corrected much more quickly;
- And, especially, could be used cross-platform libraries and bellow could be made available for various operating systems, like Linux and MacOS.

what a relief

man, i was really starting to worry... thanks for stoping by to say hello, at least it helps the nerves


some news :)
Please keep us posted with the engine's current status and what to expect, give us some news from time to time, that's all we need.

Good Deal

Glad to hear you guys are still alive! Real life can suck some times when it slows down the good stuff and costs us our sanity.

I look forward to seeing what you show us in the future.

Thanks guys!

Yep, real life will do it!
But glad to hear you guys are still with us!

Glad to see some news :) I

Glad to see some news :)

I don't know what to say, that was so unexpected...
I'd like to cry ;_;

Thanks for the news!

Hey, thanks. Some of us were kinda worried about you guys, nice to see you're still around. Hope this 'Real Life thing' you talk about (and most of us @ the community don't have lol) is going fine. :)